Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wyatt surgery Part 2

November 5th we headed to NeMours looking forward to getting Wy's cast off....what we didn't know was that ANOTHER one was going on for a minimum of a week. I don't do medical stuff very well and since I almost fainted the last time Eric took the day off the support me and Wy. Everything was going great we had lunch on the way and did a few errands. With each stop I was getting excited that it wouldn't be much longer that I had to lug that dang wheelchair around. Wyatt was REALLY nervous but excited that he was getting his cast off and we were looking forward to a really good bath that night:) Jeff, the AMAZING cast remover guy (not sure of his real title), is sooo kind and caring. We have seen him since Wyatt was born and am thankful for the patience and love he has for his patients. It starting getting really painful for Wyatt and he was screaming and crying because the bandages were stuck to his cuts. I got really weak, so I decided to step out...I went back a bit later and they were taking him for x-rays..I got REALLY weak then..After 1 1/2 hour I went back to the room to see what was going on and there was my precious Wyatt with his new blue and orange cast:) A week and a half later he is still in this cast because the brace he needs is specially made to fit him so it has to be made. Wyatt asks EVERYDAY is it ready yet??? This surgery has been quite a journey for us.. It has been 2 months and he is doing better everyday. He looks forward to going back to school after Christmas break. His homebound teacher has been just wonderful and we feel like she is family now. Through this I have learned how strong I can be both physical and spritual. I am thankful every single day that my baby boy is able to walk. I am thankful for the support from our family and friends from church that have brought us meals and called to check in on us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Work It Baby Work It

Britty got the chance to be in a fashion show to help a young woman work towards a goal in her personal progress. Britty LOVES fashion and she really enjoyed this activity.

The girl loves to p-a-r-t-y

We celebrated Britty's 13th b-day with close family and ALOT of Britt's friends. I knew she had given out quite a few invites, but NEVER expected that many to come. It just proves what I have always known..Britt is so special and loved by so many. Eric worked hard at setting up the garage to be a dance room. He had a black light with flourescent paint and disco ball. He even had confetti shooters and silly string:) The adults had a great time chitt chatting, snacking on goodies and them yummy cake while the kiddos danced it up in the "dance room". Oh my, and did that girl get some AWESOME gifts!!! Thanks again to everyone who celebrated this day with our baby girl.

Itty Bitty is 13

Brittney Nicole Doyle entered the world on October 26, 1997 at 11:33 a.m. weighing 10 lbs. 10 oz. She was the most amazing little thing I had ever held. The night we brought her home was a little chilly so we bundled her up in a pooh outfit and Pa hurried home to get the heater turned on. Uncle Jr. was there waiting too. Meme and I worked so hard in preparing her pooh bear room and could not wait for her to get here. That night we put her in the bassinett and she filled it up! Britty had the most beautiful curls and big blue eyes. She didn't stay big long, Uncle Jr. named her Itty Bitty and still calls her that to this day:) Britty has always been special to so many people. Her blessing that Brother Booth gave her was so special and had our entire family in tears. Britty has grown into such a beautiful young woman inside and out.
She has always LOVED fashion

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bonding Time

Since Wyatts surgery, him and I have had alot of time to spend together. He has been the best little patient anyone could have. I am amazed at how he well he learned to maneuver his wheelchair and get up and down the stairs. Although in the last few days, his little body is tired of bearing his weight and he has slowed down a bit. The pain has gotten better, but everynight he says it hurts. I know that he was chosen to endure this pain because he is a special little spirit. Wyatt has the kindest heart and loves Heavenly Father dearly. His pain meds cause him to not be able to "poop" regularly and he has has a time with it. Last night was a really bad night, I lay him a warm bath to help him relax....I walked around the corner to get a towel and heard Wyatt begin to pray out loud asking Heavenly Father to help him poop to feel better. Literally, within minutes he wanted to get out so he could go. That baby was sooo excited he went and when he was done quickly told Britt and Ian that his prayer was answered. It amazes me that so young he has a deep love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Wyatt is such a precious gift from heaven and I cherish all this extra time I get to be with him.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monster Trucks

We took the boys to Lowe's and they built some AWESOME Monster Trucks! They were so very proud of the finished product:)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wyatt's Surgery

September 20th had come and we were still not ready for this to happen. The day before we had a Surgery party and enjoyed some of Wyatt's favorite foods and let him run, swim, and just hang out with his cousins because we knew it would be awhile before he could do these things again. We had to get up at 4 a.m. and wash Wyatt then we headed off to Wolfson's. Wyatt did good and played video games until it was time for him to go back. Eric and I held it together until the drs. came in and started expaining the process...my little man began to have tears streaming down his face. The dr. gave him something to relax him and by the time they took him away he was almost asleep. When he was younger and had surgery, giving him to strangers to take care of him broke my heart. This time was harder because he was more aware of what was going on. I am grateful to his foot dr. and to all the nurses that were so kind to us during our stay at the hospital. This last week has been rough but has allowed me to bond with Wyatt and enjoy his sweet spirit. He is such a special boy and I tell him the he was so special and Heavenly Father chose him to go through this because he knew Wyatt was strong enough to handle it. This will be a long road to letting his foot heal and Wyatt is already asking when he can play soccer again:) Wyatt has learned how to maneuver his wheelchair and I keep telling him that we are gonna take a trip to a nursing home so he can have a race with his walker:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Ian!

Some moms can say "I remember the day he was born" I am a mom that says "I remember the day I met him". He was four years old with ALOT of energy. The beginning was rough and took alot of love and patience for me to take the role as his mom. Instantly I needed to fill the role as him mom and I was reluctant because he was not a typical four year old little boy. He was one that came insecure and several issues at hand. Through many prayers, tears, and counseling we have both come a long way. I am proud to call him my oldest son and am thankful for the wonderful young man he has turned out to be. He is looking forward to getting his driver's license (after he finishes Drivers ed.) and has expressed his want to serve a mission. He has blossomed spiritually and looks forward to seminary everyday(I have promised to get back on track next week, we've missed a few day due to me not feeling well). I admire how he can put things together and is so patient with Wyatt. I am grateful that Heavenly Father had a plan for my family and it included Ian.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogger is driving me crazy!!

Does anyone know how I can fix not being able to upload pictures??


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wonderful Birthday Week!!

This week was one of the best weeks I have had in quite a while. The kids decorated and baked a cake on Monday then on Tuesday my best friend delivered a beautiful and tasty cake then had us over to their pool. Then on Friday we left to stay the night with the in-laws..we grilled out and sat on the patio and talked til late then Saturday morning we headed off to Silver Glen Springs:) We had a Blast (although, I, the "white girl" got sunburned:( We finished up some school shopping and now ready for bed. I am looking forward to the new adventures for all my kids this year.

Monday, August 9, 2010

We had an awesome weekend!

We started the weekend off by staying the night at Eric's mom and dad's place. We left the boys there while we went to the Temple on Saturday. On the ride down we saw a real black bear on the side of the road! But the little sucker took off running ino the woods before I could snap a pic. The ride to and from Orlando was just wonderful. Eric and I rarely get a chance to talk without several "ears" and "mouths" around. I honestly can't remember the last time we got to go on a "date" just us. Oh my, it was so refreshing for our relationship:) After the Temple we had lunch with Wayne and his family then headed off to the bookstore. I so wish we had an LDS bookstore near home. We picked up the kids then headed home in a rush to get to Kristen's going away party. I am so very proud of Kristen and the example she sets for the younger kids in our family. She is so beautiful inside and out. I wish her the best at FSU! We overslept on Sunday so Eric thought we should go to OP 2 for sacrament. (So thankful for Eric and the way he strives to keep us on the straight and narrow). After church we fred the missionaries and visited with the Goodwin family for a bit. All in all it was a really great weekend. This week will be busy with last minute school stuff and we are headed to the in-laws again Friday for some fun family and back to school celebration time at Silver Glen Springs:)

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Sweet little Wyatt

I think he is the cutest little boy I know. He has ALWAYS come up with the funniest things.. I'll share a few of the old ones and try to keep updated with the newest. A few years ago for Christmas "Santa" brought him a few extra items that were not on his list..well Wyatt was not too thrilled about it. He would chunk it over his should and say "here daddy not on my list so you can have it". Another favorite was when he was little he would wet the bed because he is such a sound sleeper and would not know he had to go. I was getting onto him one day and he looked at me and said" I pee in you bed". To know Wyatt and the way he talks makes the things he says hilarious! Most recently Ian came back from youth conference with a new "friend"...we had to go to the Stake Center a couple of Sundays back and when we pulled in the parking lot Wyatt told us that he had to go inside so he could see how Ian interacts with his girlfriend. He cracks us up on a daily basis!!! He has always had the sweetest voice and I love the way he comes in my room every morning and says "mornin mom". His speech has gotten ALOT better over the years and I will always miss his own "Wyish" language. Wyatt is a perfect mixture of both me and Eric. He has that dry sense of humor like me and a very sincere heart like his daddy. I hope and pray that this next surgery will go well and that he is back up and going in no time.

Too busy to Blog

Things lately seemed to be moving at a very fast pace. We have been getting ready for school to start and spending time together as much as possible. It seems the older the kids get...that they are all going in different directions. I have always joked that I don't know married life will be like without kids:) Now that they seem to want to be independent, it makes me really sad. Ian will be 15 in a few weeks and right around the corner Britt will be 13. With the kids being older it does give Eric and me some time to enjoy each other and for me to be able to read the scriptures more. It amazes me that the more I read the scriptures..the better I understand and how it has truly made a difference in my life the last few months. I am thankful to my Father in Heaven who loves me and blesses me daily.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missing Big Bubba

Me and the kids took a trip across town to drop Ian off at youth conference. On the way there we got some lunch, went to Target and had a great trip:) After we dropped Ian off Wyatt sat in the back of the van very quiet just looking out the window. When we got a little down the road, I asked him what was the matter..he had been quietly crying and once I asked him he cried out loud. He said he missed Ian. It was heartbreaking to know he was missing his bubba. Britt climbed in the back to comfort him:) I am so thankful for the bond my children share and am grateful to the older siblings who set a wonderful example to the younger ones. I hope Ian has an amazing time!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scout Camp

I had the opportunity to do down to Camp Shands for family night to visit. It really helped me see that there are so many members and that we all share the same principles. I see that so much dedication and work is put into making this experience for the boys amazing and memorable. I feel very grateful to the men who set such a wonderful example to these young men. I hope that one day I can figure out how to upload pics to blog to show the great setup these boys have. My father-in-law created a "washing machine" for the boys to use which was way cool. Once again I feel blessed to have all the wonderful men in my life.

Wyatt should be the mascot of the "BIG" scouts. He loves being around them. It was very sweet that Ian took a moment out to take Wyatt on a small hike. Heavenly Father had truly blessed me with children who love and look out for each other.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer the Mueller Way

We are only a little into summer vacation and LOVING IT!!! Britt and I went to girls camp last week and had a wonderful time. It was the first time she stood up and bore her testimony. I felt the spririt so strong when she stood up with Kristen and walked to the front. Our family is so blessed to share special bonds and are able to build memories together. Thank you Kristen for being such a shining example of a young woman. I know I go on and on about my husband but I just can't believe how blessed I am to have him in my life. He drove down Sunday and got me all set up then drove Britt down on Monday morning THEN came all the way back to help me pack up and go home! When I think that life has me down..I close my eyes and think about how Heavenly Father has blessed me with a family that loves me. Happily the kids and me will sleep in all the mornings we possibly can and wish daddy were with us when we venture out to have a little fun:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking forward to going to the temple tomorrow

The last few weeks life has been a little rough on me. I am so thankful that my mom and husband have counciled me and advised me to go to the temple. Since we have made the decision to go on Saturday, things already seem better. I am always a litle sad to leave my babies behind, but am grateful that I have wonderful family on both sides to help with the kids. I hope Ian has a wonderful experience at his campout this weekend. Thank you Britty for always being WyWy's little momma when needed (please have your hand ready to cover his mouth before he says something crazy:) I know I don't express enough how grateful I am for ALL of my family, but I love each one deeply and thankful they are part of my life.

Hopefully soon I will figure out this new computer and be able to upload pics to blogger...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reading isn't so bad when you get ice cream as a reward

Wyatt has been such a great and intense reading this whole year. As a bonus, his teacher said if they read 10 online books they will get a FREE ice cream from Brusters! Naturally, my little man was quite eager to read! So this was no problem:) The day he got his certificate...we went straight there. His flavor of choice was cotton candy:) I am so proud of Wyatt this last year..he received AB honor all year and was baptized. I am grateful that he LOVES to read us a story from the friend as often as we will let him and is ALWAYS eager to read scriptures first and that his little arm is always the first in the air to give prayer in our family. Wyatt is such a special spirit and is loved by so many.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time flies....

Whew...I am been out the blogging world for a bit. We lost two computers in a week to a virus. Blah! Anyway, we got one one but I can't figure out how to do pics yet. This is what has been going on in Mueller land.. Wyatt turned 8 and was baptized the end od April. He got to share his special day with his cousin Katie. It was a wonderful day for them both. The Saturday before Wyatt got to go with us on the youth temple trip and hung out with daddy. They drew me a beautiful picture of the temple and visited the bookstore. Here lately, I have been just keeping up with the kids and my schoolwork. Soccer season is almost over (thank goodness). Although we haven't won a game yet, Wyatt has scored many goals and enjoyed playing. The last few days have been nice..My g-ma had knee surgery so I have gotten the chance to go over and spend some time with her. My dad is still in the hospital so we are continuing to pray for him and the kids have enjoyed drawing him pics and visiting him. We have Mookie at our house and Chevy is very excited to have a friend over. Hopefully now I can update more often and will load some pics as soon as I figure this thing out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Boys boys boys

Oh how I love my sons!

Sweet Girls

We went for a walk down by the lake...and naturally the girls stopped off to pick some flowers. We put then flowers in a vase at home and enjoyed looking at them during lunch:) mmmm....it was a wonderful afternoon

Easter Fun!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cousins are THE BEST

We love it when all the cousins get together

100 Years of Scouting Adventure Base

We took the boys to the Scouting Adventure Base on Sunday after church. We should have taken the sign NOT to go on Sunday with all the rain. Once we got there it did slack off a bit. It was very educational and even I enjoyed seeing the history of scouting.

Ian recently earned his Order of the Arrow

Wyatt is so proud to be a cubscout!

Cutest Little Leprechaun around town

The library had the cutest acttivity for St. Patrick's Day! He made out of a milk jug and flower pot. You could decorate it ANY way you wanted...this is Wyatt's masterpiece....

NO Cavity Club:)

The kids went for their check-up at the dentist...
ALL have NO cavities!!! Wyatt was soooo proud if HIS sticker! Great job kids!!

While wating to BACK to the orthodontist we decided to picnic at the park:) It was a GREAT day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eric's New Ride

To say that last week was rough would be an understatment. On Tuesday, Eric called and told me that he made it to work but he thinks the truck is dead. I was completely stressed out because even though have talked about a more economical car I didn't see it in the near future. So Tuesday night while I was in school he had to conquer the car dealership with all three kids! Thanks to me, I warned them to behave. Thankfully they did:) They must have sensed some stress. After picking me up from school off JTB at 10:00 p.m. we headed wwaayyy out to Middleburg to borrow my moms van for the next day. 1st dealership wasn't nice and saw perfect opportunity of desperate man to take advantage of. My father-in-law suggested dealership # 2 so we spent ALL day Thursday dealing with them. Thanks to the in-laws- for getting the kids:) At 6:00 we were set to go New car payment and all!!! With all the stress...Eric took Friday off from work to spend with me. We went to lunch and enjoyed a movie while the kids were in school:) I am thankful for Eric not endding up on the news after he caused a scene in Keith Pierson Toyota and called the sFinance Manager an idiot. (Eric is still working on killing people with kindness) All in all he has a new car MUCH better on gas ...

Don't worry... I didn't think he would fit in it either:)

Fun day at St. Augustine

Today we decided to take some much needed family time and pack a picnic for St. Augustine. We have always loved going down there and today was so beautiful. With all of us so busy and heading in different directions, we thought since we were all home and needed a break it was the best place to go. We walked around the fort and ate by the water and soaked up some sunshine. The kids LOVED it! They came home, showered and off to bed. Too bad we couldn't do that everyday.
Ian thought these guys were cool...Wyatt was scared of their swords
Wyatt liked the old desks but liked running around the fort the most

It's Soccer Time

Wyatt's feeling much better and totally excited about soccer season. This year is a little different because Oakleaf decided not to have goalies for U8 and under. The first game was CRAZY. The other team whipped us pretty bad. Wyatt was happy because he scored 2 goals!! I am so happy that he is able to run and enjoy the sport he loves.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Germs Germs GO AWAY

Ok so I am totally ready for these nasty little germs to leave my family ALONE! We took Britt for an X-Ray yesterday and the Dr. said still pneumonia in both lungs. Today we took Wyatt in to see what funk he has....pneumonia too! Thank goodness Lysol wipes are on sale at Wal-Greens. We have spent over $225.00 this week on Dr. visits and meds. Not sure how much more I can take. Thankfully I am not nearly as sick as the rest of the family, so I am able to keep up with the daily chores and drive the sicklings around. Kids are NOT happy about being stuck inside and staying down as much as possible. When we got to the Dr. office this morning I noticed a ring around the top of Wyatt's lip...it was from him sucking on his gatorade bottle all night. We laughed so hard (after hypo me realized it was nothing serious) :) Well, we rented a couple of movies and PS3 games and are hunkered down for the weekend. We'll see what happens....

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Official my family has the FUNK!!!!

We just got back from spending the day two different Dr. offices. Brittney has pneumonia and Eric has the the Flu. This junk came out of nowhere, but I am glad I didn't hesitate took take them to the Dr. Wyatt also has a fever and coughing too now. This should be an interesting week with almost all of my family on lockdown at home. I have to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to Ian who has been an AMAZING helper through all of this! Please keep my family in yur prayers for a speedy recover.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sick House

When will this funk go away?? Eric was talking last week about how he has dodged the bullet at work and not gotten what everyone at work has had. Apparently it was some pretty bad stuff. When someone had it, they were out for at leat 3-4 days. Well....his luck ran out! Firday afternoon at work he started to not feel well and came home to go straight to bed. He has had a very high fever with chills, coughing, chest pain to whole getup. Last night my Britt started running a fever and today is TOTALLY out of it. Bless her heart she is so dedicated and insisted we stay at church and then afterwards she could rest. We came home today and Britt, Eric, and I stripped out of church clothes and into PJ's and crashed. Tomorrow they are both going to the Dr. so hopefully they will get some good meds and get to feeling better soon. I have had them taking Theraflu, but I guess they need something stronger. It makes me sad to see my babies not feeling well. Thankfully, I only have a touch of what they have! Oh, you are probably wondering where Wyatt and Ian have been in all of this today... while the 3 of us were sleeping, they did play the PS3 a little longer than I would have liked.. but they cleaned up the whole downstairs! Thanks to my little men for holding the fort together!!! I love you guys.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This thing is a Beauty

Some may know that a favorite Mueller hobby is going around at night to see what treasures people throw away. Eric introduced this to me not long after we were dating and it has become a family tradition. My kids call it "garbage digging" although we don't really dig through the trash. If we see a big item and like it, we get it:) This time it was just what I have been looking for to go in the entrance way at the front door. It is a bench with cubbies underneath for storage. My amazing husband got out the furniture polish and it shined so beautifully. The cover matches our living room furniture too! We have been so blessed with some of our findings that if someone is in need we donate to them. It is TRULY AMAZING what people throw away!!

Mueller Life

We haven't had anything that exciting happen lately, but like to keep the blog updated...

We are enjoying some down time before soccer season starts. We have made it a goal that everyone gets showers and ready for bed around 8:00 so we can gather and read the scriptures. I really see a difference it makes in our day and how much kinder we ALL are towards one another. Our next goal is to get Ian back to Seminary. It is so hard with the younger kids and because Eric leaves for work so darn early, it all falls on me to get everyone dressed, fed and where they need to be on time.

I am going to enjoy my time off from my current calling as primary teacher and look forward to anything new that comes my way.

The kids enjoyed their day off from school yesterday eating mac 'n cheese on the pation and playing outside. I too enjoyed that I didn't have school either:) We are going to get out the St. Patricks' Day decorations after school and look forward to having some green and gold around for a bit. That's about it...seems so strange that we are having some down time (we should not jinx it and catch up on some things) Eric is back to getting off work at 4:00, so it will be nice to have him home more:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

My heart is full of love

As Wyatt and I made the treat bags for my Sunday School class last night I couldn't help but think about how thankful I am to be surrounded with such sweet spirits of my Heavenly Father. There was a time when I wanted to be released and go to "Big Sunday School". As things happend it showed me that I am right where I am supposed to be. It once again showed me that He has a plan for me. All the children in Primary are so sweet and I enjoy watching their expressions and hearing their answers when learning about our Saviour. I am too thankful for my own sweet spirits that I get to call my children who bring me such joy (for the most part) into mine and Eric's life. I love my husband and children dearly and am thankful for every moment I have with them.

This Valentine's Day let us Love One Another.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are back up and running

Last week when I was on the computer, the internet just shut off. My first thought was...oh my did I pay the bill?? Yep, I did:) So, next I call Eric (my hero). I had to wait until he got home and he figured out it was the modem. It is crazy how much we depend on the internet..even the kids need it for homework. Luckily, it was covered under our plan and a new one was shipped!! YIPPEE!! I am spending today catching up on EVERYTHING!! Thankfully, I do not have a homework assignment due this week:)
We are so excited this weekend is Valentine's day. Wyatt is going today to get Valentine cards for his class and something special for his teacher. I think we might do something special with the kids on Sunday (at home, of course) Maybe a special dinner and dessert:) Hope everyone has a HAppy Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Day at the Park

We have lived in our neighborhood for over six months and have just now discovered the wonderful park that is here. Last Thursday we got homework done and had some daylight left, so me and the kids headed off to the park. The kids played basketball and then Wyatt and me headed to the playground. He had the BEST time! Britt soon joined in too. Ian preferred to stay and play basketball (within eye sight and the b-ball court actually locks you in until you swipe your card to get out) . It was nice weather and we enjoyed some outside family time. I can't wait until Spring when we can stay a little longer and pack a picnic.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Krispy Kreme Donuts Anyone?

Today the Scouts in our Ward did a donut sale to raise money for summer camp. The boys looked so cute in their uniforms an "official" donut hats:) They did sell quite a few, but still have 20 boxes leftover. We will deliver this afternoon if anyone would like to purchase some. They are $6.00 a box, I'm sure the later the day goes on the cheaper they will be:) I am so proud of my husband, son, and nephew who woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning to truck it across the bridge to do a fundraiser for their troop. You are some AMAZING guys!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Saying Good-bye is Never Easy

My Britt was up until well after midnight crying about McKinnley moving. (Thank you cupcake for taking the couch last night and letting her sleep with me). This is the first friend that she has become close to. Today I let her stay home from school hoping that with by the end of the weekend she will begin to adjust. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. I explained to her that life is about change and new friends will come along. I think Britt took it so hard because she doesn't have a sister and McKinnley filled that need for her.

Best of Luck to the wonderful Thompson Troop! Thank you for the wonderful memories and example you have left in our lives.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The youth had a fireside this past Sunday night. It was wonderful. The kids submitted questions to the missionaries and the missionaries did an amazing job explainingand they even did role play. Our family came away with a better understanding about how to approach friends about the gospel. I am thankful that my children willingly go to these activites and come away with a stronger testimony.

New Blinker Bulb

Sunday on the way to church I noticed by blinker was not working. Paranoid as I am...was worried someone would hit us or (me driving) would get pulled over. So, on the way home we stopped off to get a new one. Well..I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting (I still ask myself why I am married to a man who will stop and talk to ANYONE and is NEVER in a hurry) so I decided to have a little fun:) While Eric was under the hood I BLARED the horn!!! One thing I love about Eric is that he RARELY gets angry. But after a few times of blaring the horn and trying to wet him with the washer fluid he got smart and disconnected the horn then he sat on the curb until I agreed to be nice and let him finish:) Fun times!:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Trip to the Land

Yesterday we took a trip to Eric's parents land where they are building a house. The kids (and dogs) had the best time taking the tractor for a ride. It's great to be able to turn them loose to go on trails and climb trees. Even Chevy had a blast.

On the way home, the roads are very hilly and dark, Wyatt has his hands to his mouth and looks terrified. I asked him what was wrong and he said "Dewey is scared!" (We call him Dewey from Malcolm in the middle) It was sooo cute! The drive to his parents new house is about an hour. At first, I was dreading the long car trip, (especially on a school night) but once we got going it was nice to talk with the kids with no distractions and we even read a little from the new Gospel Principles book. It was really nice to see the kids have a great time. Sometimes getting back to the basics is refreshing:)

Friday, January 15, 2010


For Christmas Wyatt got a bazillion lego's from his G-ma Sallie. He has certainly enjoyed them! I, on the other hand, not so much. It hurts soo bad to step on one and even worse to suck one up in the vaccuum. I do like the fact that Ianand he play with them and create the coolest things. Wyatt has a few lego people that he takes EVERYWHERE with him. That brings me to the topic of today- it's laundry day and this is what I find as I take a load out to put in the dryer.
All of them seemed to enjoy the adventure because they all still have a smile on their face:) There was only one fatality...a head is missing! Not sure where it went. Even headless, I am sure Wyatt will love him just as much and still keep them all in his pockets.