Friday, February 26, 2010

Germs Germs GO AWAY

Ok so I am totally ready for these nasty little germs to leave my family ALONE! We took Britt for an X-Ray yesterday and the Dr. said still pneumonia in both lungs. Today we took Wyatt in to see what funk he has....pneumonia too! Thank goodness Lysol wipes are on sale at Wal-Greens. We have spent over $225.00 this week on Dr. visits and meds. Not sure how much more I can take. Thankfully I am not nearly as sick as the rest of the family, so I am able to keep up with the daily chores and drive the sicklings around. Kids are NOT happy about being stuck inside and staying down as much as possible. When we got to the Dr. office this morning I noticed a ring around the top of Wyatt's was from him sucking on his gatorade bottle all night. We laughed so hard (after hypo me realized it was nothing serious) :) Well, we rented a couple of movies and PS3 games and are hunkered down for the weekend. We'll see what happens....


  1. Wow! This is one crazy sickness. I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  2. HEy that pic was not supposed tyo be on the internet!!! Thanks mom! LOL Jk :) I hope I can go back to school MOnday! Love you, Britt <3