Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eric's New Ride

To say that last week was rough would be an understatment. On Tuesday, Eric called and told me that he made it to work but he thinks the truck is dead. I was completely stressed out because even though have talked about a more economical car I didn't see it in the near future. So Tuesday night while I was in school he had to conquer the car dealership with all three kids! Thanks to me, I warned them to behave. Thankfully they did:) They must have sensed some stress. After picking me up from school off JTB at 10:00 p.m. we headed wwaayyy out to Middleburg to borrow my moms van for the next day. 1st dealership wasn't nice and saw perfect opportunity of desperate man to take advantage of. My father-in-law suggested dealership # 2 so we spent ALL day Thursday dealing with them. Thanks to the in-laws- for getting the kids:) At 6:00 we were set to go New car payment and all!!! With all the stress...Eric took Friday off from work to spend with me. We went to lunch and enjoyed a movie while the kids were in school:) I am thankful for Eric not endding up on the news after he caused a scene in Keith Pierson Toyota and called the sFinance Manager an idiot. (Eric is still working on killing people with kindness) All in all he has a new car MUCH better on gas ...

Don't worry... I didn't think he would fit in it either:)


  1. Oh my I laughed out loud..... Aaron almost killed the Fiance people at keith pearson when we were shopping for our car. I got this huge lecture from Aaron and my dad to act calm and not let them knoe I loved the car.... I stayed calm Aaron not so much. I love the car. As rough as a payment it is nice to not worry about the old car. I love the color. Glad you got to have a great day out ALONE!!!!

  2. WOW love the new wheels! It does look a lil small for such a big man! Does he tuck his legs up around chin? I am sure it has a lot more room than the pic. shows. Im sorry to hear the truck died... bummer deal! Although the new car is hip and sool. I bet Brit is excited to drive it someday! With all the yuck your day sounded like it ended up pretty good. New Car
    Lunch Date
    You and your Hubby Alone
    Dang sounds like FUN to me!
    Love ya

  3. I hate car shopping! I never know if what the sales person is telling us is the truth and if they are giving us a reasonable deal! The new car looks very cool. I hope he enjoys it.

    The day in St. Augustine sounded like a lot of fun. After all the craziness last week with the vehicle, it sounds like it was a much needed family day!