Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wyatt surgery Part 2

November 5th we headed to NeMours looking forward to getting Wy's cast off....what we didn't know was that ANOTHER one was going on for a minimum of a week. I don't do medical stuff very well and since I almost fainted the last time Eric took the day off the support me and Wy. Everything was going great we had lunch on the way and did a few errands. With each stop I was getting excited that it wouldn't be much longer that I had to lug that dang wheelchair around. Wyatt was REALLY nervous but excited that he was getting his cast off and we were looking forward to a really good bath that night:) Jeff, the AMAZING cast remover guy (not sure of his real title), is sooo kind and caring. We have seen him since Wyatt was born and am thankful for the patience and love he has for his patients. It starting getting really painful for Wyatt and he was screaming and crying because the bandages were stuck to his cuts. I got really weak, so I decided to step out...I went back a bit later and they were taking him for x-rays..I got REALLY weak then..After 1 1/2 hour I went back to the room to see what was going on and there was my precious Wyatt with his new blue and orange cast:) A week and a half later he is still in this cast because the brace he needs is specially made to fit him so it has to be made. Wyatt asks EVERYDAY is it ready yet??? This surgery has been quite a journey for us.. It has been 2 months and he is doing better everyday. He looks forward to going back to school after Christmas break. His homebound teacher has been just wonderful and we feel like she is family now. Through this I have learned how strong I can be both physical and spritual. I am thankful every single day that my baby boy is able to walk. I am thankful for the support from our family and friends from church that have brought us meals and called to check in on us.

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  1. oh that brings back so many memories! I am happy he had a top notch caster with Jeff. You are a excellent mom. I am thankful that my own mother sacrificed and watched a lot of things that a mother should never have to watch there child go threw. I am sorry that it has been so wild I really am. I remember the constant disappointment. however I really think I have such a wonderful relationship and love for my Heavenly father because of all my challenges. I am sure Wyatt went threw all of this hardship because something amazing is coming for him down the road. You and your family are remarkable.