Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking forward to going to the temple tomorrow

The last few weeks life has been a little rough on me. I am so thankful that my mom and husband have counciled me and advised me to go to the temple. Since we have made the decision to go on Saturday, things already seem better. I am always a litle sad to leave my babies behind, but am grateful that I have wonderful family on both sides to help with the kids. I hope Ian has a wonderful experience at his campout this weekend. Thank you Britty for always being WyWy's little momma when needed (please have your hand ready to cover his mouth before he says something crazy:) I know I don't express enough how grateful I am for ALL of my family, but I love each one deeply and thankful they are part of my life.

Hopefully soon I will figure out this new computer and be able to upload pics to blogger...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reading isn't so bad when you get ice cream as a reward

Wyatt has been such a great and intense reading this whole year. As a bonus, his teacher said if they read 10 online books they will get a FREE ice cream from Brusters! Naturally, my little man was quite eager to read! So this was no problem:) The day he got his certificate...we went straight there. His flavor of choice was cotton candy:) I am so proud of Wyatt this last year..he received AB honor all year and was baptized. I am grateful that he LOVES to read us a story from the friend as often as we will let him and is ALWAYS eager to read scriptures first and that his little arm is always the first in the air to give prayer in our family. Wyatt is such a special spirit and is loved by so many.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time flies....

Whew...I am been out the blogging world for a bit. We lost two computers in a week to a virus. Blah! Anyway, we got one one but I can't figure out how to do pics yet. This is what has been going on in Mueller land.. Wyatt turned 8 and was baptized the end od April. He got to share his special day with his cousin Katie. It was a wonderful day for them both. The Saturday before Wyatt got to go with us on the youth temple trip and hung out with daddy. They drew me a beautiful picture of the temple and visited the bookstore. Here lately, I have been just keeping up with the kids and my schoolwork. Soccer season is almost over (thank goodness). Although we haven't won a game yet, Wyatt has scored many goals and enjoyed playing. The last few days have been nice..My g-ma had knee surgery so I have gotten the chance to go over and spend some time with her. My dad is still in the hospital so we are continuing to pray for him and the kids have enjoyed drawing him pics and visiting him. We have Mookie at our house and Chevy is very excited to have a friend over. Hopefully now I can update more often and will load some pics as soon as I figure this thing out.