Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mueller Life

We haven't had anything that exciting happen lately, but like to keep the blog updated...

We are enjoying some down time before soccer season starts. We have made it a goal that everyone gets showers and ready for bed around 8:00 so we can gather and read the scriptures. I really see a difference it makes in our day and how much kinder we ALL are towards one another. Our next goal is to get Ian back to Seminary. It is so hard with the younger kids and because Eric leaves for work so darn early, it all falls on me to get everyone dressed, fed and where they need to be on time.

I am going to enjoy my time off from my current calling as primary teacher and look forward to anything new that comes my way.

The kids enjoyed their day off from school yesterday eating mac 'n cheese on the pation and playing outside. I too enjoyed that I didn't have school either:) We are going to get out the St. Patricks' Day decorations after school and look forward to having some green and gold around for a bit. That's about it...seems so strange that we are having some down time (we should not jinx it and catch up on some things) Eric is back to getting off work at 4:00, so it will be nice to have him home more:)

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  1. Sounds like life is going good! I like the getting ready for bed @ 8:00. It seems we always end up in family wrestling match, making cookies, catching up on homework, finishing up dishes something and then the next thing I know is it is 9:30 and I can't fiqure out where our night went...? Happy to hear Eric will be home more. You aren't in Primary? You better watch out... something is coming your way! I want to hear what it is, when it comes. Rest while you can!