Monday, August 9, 2010

We had an awesome weekend!

We started the weekend off by staying the night at Eric's mom and dad's place. We left the boys there while we went to the Temple on Saturday. On the ride down we saw a real black bear on the side of the road! But the little sucker took off running ino the woods before I could snap a pic. The ride to and from Orlando was just wonderful. Eric and I rarely get a chance to talk without several "ears" and "mouths" around. I honestly can't remember the last time we got to go on a "date" just us. Oh my, it was so refreshing for our relationship:) After the Temple we had lunch with Wayne and his family then headed off to the bookstore. I so wish we had an LDS bookstore near home. We picked up the kids then headed home in a rush to get to Kristen's going away party. I am so very proud of Kristen and the example she sets for the younger kids in our family. She is so beautiful inside and out. I wish her the best at FSU! We overslept on Sunday so Eric thought we should go to OP 2 for sacrament. (So thankful for Eric and the way he strives to keep us on the straight and narrow). After church we fred the missionaries and visited with the Goodwin family for a bit. All in all it was a really great weekend. This week will be busy with last minute school stuff and we are headed to the in-laws again Friday for some fun family and back to school celebration time at Silver Glen Springs:)


  1. aw it sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip! I missed you though(: thanks dad for the braclet allthough it is a little big I love it!!!!(: the party was fun but it was also hard to say goodbye! I know that kristen will have the best time at FSU! I cant wait for Saturday!!! I am so excited(: thanks for taking us(: o btw dont let me forget the camera again hahahahaha love you! are you ready for your birthday tommorw or what???!!!

  2. Wow, an awesome and very busy weekend! It's great that you and Eric got to go to the temple by yourselves. Hope you and your family have a really fun time this weekend. : )