Friday, January 29, 2010

Saying Good-bye is Never Easy

My Britt was up until well after midnight crying about McKinnley moving. (Thank you cupcake for taking the couch last night and letting her sleep with me). This is the first friend that she has become close to. Today I let her stay home from school hoping that with by the end of the weekend she will begin to adjust. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. I explained to her that life is about change and new friends will come along. I think Britt took it so hard because she doesn't have a sister and McKinnley filled that need for her.

Best of Luck to the wonderful Thompson Troop! Thank you for the wonderful memories and example you have left in our lives.


  1. I miss them so much But I don't think that I will ever get over her! She was the sister I never had! :( She was the one that could fill in being my sister! And now I am just back the way I started.... Lonley! Love always, Britt

  2. Brit, you are wonderful! I can not imagin how sad you are that McKinnely left. Your mom is a ssmart lady and you will find a friend that may not replace her.... I think all the thompsons are one of a kind. You are great! I want to be may friend so I can only imagine how girls your age think your are great.