Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Ian!

Some moms can say "I remember the day he was born" I am a mom that says "I remember the day I met him". He was four years old with ALOT of energy. The beginning was rough and took alot of love and patience for me to take the role as his mom. Instantly I needed to fill the role as him mom and I was reluctant because he was not a typical four year old little boy. He was one that came insecure and several issues at hand. Through many prayers, tears, and counseling we have both come a long way. I am proud to call him my oldest son and am thankful for the wonderful young man he has turned out to be. He is looking forward to getting his driver's license (after he finishes Drivers ed.) and has expressed his want to serve a mission. He has blossomed spiritually and looks forward to seminary everyday(I have promised to get back on track next week, we've missed a few day due to me not feeling well). I admire how he can put things together and is so patient with Wyatt. I am grateful that Heavenly Father had a plan for my family and it included Ian.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogger is driving me crazy!!

Does anyone know how I can fix not being able to upload pictures??


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wonderful Birthday Week!!

This week was one of the best weeks I have had in quite a while. The kids decorated and baked a cake on Monday then on Tuesday my best friend delivered a beautiful and tasty cake then had us over to their pool. Then on Friday we left to stay the night with the in-laws..we grilled out and sat on the patio and talked til late then Saturday morning we headed off to Silver Glen Springs:) We had a Blast (although, I, the "white girl" got sunburned:( We finished up some school shopping and now ready for bed. I am looking forward to the new adventures for all my kids this year.

Monday, August 9, 2010

We had an awesome weekend!

We started the weekend off by staying the night at Eric's mom and dad's place. We left the boys there while we went to the Temple on Saturday. On the ride down we saw a real black bear on the side of the road! But the little sucker took off running ino the woods before I could snap a pic. The ride to and from Orlando was just wonderful. Eric and I rarely get a chance to talk without several "ears" and "mouths" around. I honestly can't remember the last time we got to go on a "date" just us. Oh my, it was so refreshing for our relationship:) After the Temple we had lunch with Wayne and his family then headed off to the bookstore. I so wish we had an LDS bookstore near home. We picked up the kids then headed home in a rush to get to Kristen's going away party. I am so very proud of Kristen and the example she sets for the younger kids in our family. She is so beautiful inside and out. I wish her the best at FSU! We overslept on Sunday so Eric thought we should go to OP 2 for sacrament. (So thankful for Eric and the way he strives to keep us on the straight and narrow). After church we fred the missionaries and visited with the Goodwin family for a bit. All in all it was a really great weekend. This week will be busy with last minute school stuff and we are headed to the in-laws again Friday for some fun family and back to school celebration time at Silver Glen Springs:)

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Sweet little Wyatt

I think he is the cutest little boy I know. He has ALWAYS come up with the funniest things.. I'll share a few of the old ones and try to keep updated with the newest. A few years ago for Christmas "Santa" brought him a few extra items that were not on his list..well Wyatt was not too thrilled about it. He would chunk it over his should and say "here daddy not on my list so you can have it". Another favorite was when he was little he would wet the bed because he is such a sound sleeper and would not know he had to go. I was getting onto him one day and he looked at me and said" I pee in you bed". To know Wyatt and the way he talks makes the things he says hilarious! Most recently Ian came back from youth conference with a new "friend"...we had to go to the Stake Center a couple of Sundays back and when we pulled in the parking lot Wyatt told us that he had to go inside so he could see how Ian interacts with his girlfriend. He cracks us up on a daily basis!!! He has always had the sweetest voice and I love the way he comes in my room every morning and says "mornin mom". His speech has gotten ALOT better over the years and I will always miss his own "Wyish" language. Wyatt is a perfect mixture of both me and Eric. He has that dry sense of humor like me and a very sincere heart like his daddy. I hope and pray that this next surgery will go well and that he is back up and going in no time.

Too busy to Blog

Things lately seemed to be moving at a very fast pace. We have been getting ready for school to start and spending time together as much as possible. It seems the older the kids get...that they are all going in different directions. I have always joked that I don't know married life will be like without kids:) Now that they seem to want to be independent, it makes me really sad. Ian will be 15 in a few weeks and right around the corner Britt will be 13. With the kids being older it does give Eric and me some time to enjoy each other and for me to be able to read the scriptures more. It amazes me that the more I read the scriptures..the better I understand and how it has truly made a difference in my life the last few months. I am thankful to my Father in Heaven who loves me and blesses me daily.