Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NO Cavity Club:)

The kids went for their check-up at the dentist...
ALL have NO cavities!!! Wyatt was soooo proud if HIS sticker! Great job kids!!

While wating to BACK to the orthodontist we decided to picnic at the park:) It was a GREAT day!


  1. Wooo-Hooo! I wish mine were in that such luck. Our membership cards read "The-You-can-brush-all-you-want-we-will-still-be-sticking-it-to-your-wallet-so-you-better-have-good-insurance-Club."

  2. Awesome! I just took Mandy to the dentist and she had a little one that had to be fixed :( But she did really good at the dentist office! I hope they keep up the good work brushing and taking care of their teeth!