Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scout Camp

I had the opportunity to do down to Camp Shands for family night to visit. It really helped me see that there are so many members and that we all share the same principles. I see that so much dedication and work is put into making this experience for the boys amazing and memorable. I feel very grateful to the men who set such a wonderful example to these young men. I hope that one day I can figure out how to upload pics to blog to show the great setup these boys have. My father-in-law created a "washing machine" for the boys to use which was way cool. Once again I feel blessed to have all the wonderful men in my life.

Wyatt should be the mascot of the "BIG" scouts. He loves being around them. It was very sweet that Ian took a moment out to take Wyatt on a small hike. Heavenly Father had truly blessed me with children who love and look out for each other.

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  1. You really do have wonderful children! It is always the sweetest thing to me when the older children play with and try to make the younger ones happy!