Thursday, July 22, 2010

Missing Big Bubba

Me and the kids took a trip across town to drop Ian off at youth conference. On the way there we got some lunch, went to Target and had a great trip:) After we dropped Ian off Wyatt sat in the back of the van very quiet just looking out the window. When we got a little down the road, I asked him what was the matter..he had been quietly crying and once I asked him he cried out loud. He said he missed Ian. It was heartbreaking to know he was missing his bubba. Britt climbed in the back to comfort him:) I am so thankful for the bond my children share and am grateful to the older siblings who set a wonderful example to the younger ones. I hope Ian has an amazing time!!!


  1. That's so sweet! Yes, it's great that your kids are so close to each other. YC should definitely be a fun and uplifting experience for Ian. I can't wait to hear about it from our youth.

  2. I have been so behind the times on the blog... loved reading your updates. I miss you guys! Happy to hear your summer is going good. Brit left a cute message to McKinnley and hearing her voice made us Miss you all the more!