Friday, January 15, 2010


For Christmas Wyatt got a bazillion lego's from his G-ma Sallie. He has certainly enjoyed them! I, on the other hand, not so much. It hurts soo bad to step on one and even worse to suck one up in the vaccuum. I do like the fact that Ianand he play with them and create the coolest things. Wyatt has a few lego people that he takes EVERYWHERE with him. That brings me to the topic of today- it's laundry day and this is what I find as I take a load out to put in the dryer.
All of them seemed to enjoy the adventure because they all still have a smile on their face:) There was only one fatality...a head is missing! Not sure where it went. Even headless, I am sure Wyatt will love him just as much and still keep them all in his pockets.


  1. I totally am right there with you. Those even look like some of the same pieces that Dallin got for Christmas. At least his Grandma must be really happy that she got him something that he absolutely loves :)

  2. Mommy I am right there with you! A few days ago I went into their room and lets just say that there was a little head stuck in my foot! I wanted too scream! You are right he loves them so much! And I am just glad that he enjoys them! And that is the most important part. (I think) Love you, Britt :)