Friday, August 6, 2010

My Sweet little Wyatt

I think he is the cutest little boy I know. He has ALWAYS come up with the funniest things.. I'll share a few of the old ones and try to keep updated with the newest. A few years ago for Christmas "Santa" brought him a few extra items that were not on his list..well Wyatt was not too thrilled about it. He would chunk it over his should and say "here daddy not on my list so you can have it". Another favorite was when he was little he would wet the bed because he is such a sound sleeper and would not know he had to go. I was getting onto him one day and he looked at me and said" I pee in you bed". To know Wyatt and the way he talks makes the things he says hilarious! Most recently Ian came back from youth conference with a new "friend"...we had to go to the Stake Center a couple of Sundays back and when we pulled in the parking lot Wyatt told us that he had to go inside so he could see how Ian interacts with his girlfriend. He cracks us up on a daily basis!!! He has always had the sweetest voice and I love the way he comes in my room every morning and says "mornin mom". His speech has gotten ALOT better over the years and I will always miss his own "Wyish" language. Wyatt is a perfect mixture of both me and Eric. He has that dry sense of humor like me and a very sincere heart like his daddy. I hope and pray that this next surgery will go well and that he is back up and going in no time.


  1. Yes, Wyatt is a cutie! I had not heard about the surgery, but will hope and pray that all goes well. : )

  2. he is soo stinken cute i wish that i could just take him home with me.... o wait he is my little brother haha(: blonde moment(: but I love my lill wywy!!! he is soooo funny and when he comes in my room when ian is gone with that sweet little voice of his and says sissy can i sleep with you tonight how can you just say no to him? i think it is impossible! he just makes our little family complete!(: i will keep him in my prayers at night and i am so glad that i will be able to be there when he wakes up from the surgrey... i am already tearing up just thinking about it love always britt