Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bonding Time

Since Wyatts surgery, him and I have had alot of time to spend together. He has been the best little patient anyone could have. I am amazed at how he well he learned to maneuver his wheelchair and get up and down the stairs. Although in the last few days, his little body is tired of bearing his weight and he has slowed down a bit. The pain has gotten better, but everynight he says it hurts. I know that he was chosen to endure this pain because he is a special little spirit. Wyatt has the kindest heart and loves Heavenly Father dearly. His pain meds cause him to not be able to "poop" regularly and he has has a time with it. Last night was a really bad night, I lay him a warm bath to help him relax....I walked around the corner to get a towel and heard Wyatt begin to pray out loud asking Heavenly Father to help him poop to feel better. Literally, within minutes he wanted to get out so he could go. That baby was sooo excited he went and when he was done quickly told Britt and Ian that his prayer was answered. It amazes me that so young he has a deep love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Wyatt is such a precious gift from heaven and I cherish all this extra time I get to be with him.


  1. YEA... a PICTURE! Im soo happy! Your blog has a great new make over! Love it!

    When I saw the pic. I couldn't believe how much Wyatt had grown up. He looks so big to me. I couldn't believe how much him and Brittany looked alike.

    Happy Fall! Hope Wyatt is recovering well. Happy you had a lil bonding time with him. Nothing better than that!
    Miss you guys... wish we were going to be trick or treating with you again this year. BUMMER!

  2. Oh Janie, You made me cry. wow what memories that brought back. Late nights, mom and lots of prayers. I just want you to know that as someone who at a young age was blessed with the option to learn for myself just how much my heavenly father loves me threw many similar moments like that. I am lucky enough to have a very strong testimony for myself about how often my heavenly actually really does hear my prayers. I am sure as a mom you may at time feel a little differently about the situation I know at times my remarkable mother did. Wyatt on the other hand will only have vivid memories of your love and support on those late nights and heavenly father loving him so much. Take it from a pro! Thanks for the post I called my mom just to tell her thanks for all she did and does for me. If Wyatt is anything like me (and from knowing him I happen to think he is remarkable)The sacrifices you have made may not seem noticed but is probably because you make being a mother seem so effortless. We miss you anytime I can come babysit I may be the only one that can give Wyatt a wheelchair race that he will remember. Love you girl!