Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking forward to going to the temple tomorrow

The last few weeks life has been a little rough on me. I am so thankful that my mom and husband have counciled me and advised me to go to the temple. Since we have made the decision to go on Saturday, things already seem better. I am always a litle sad to leave my babies behind, but am grateful that I have wonderful family on both sides to help with the kids. I hope Ian has a wonderful experience at his campout this weekend. Thank you Britty for always being WyWy's little momma when needed (please have your hand ready to cover his mouth before he says something crazy:) I know I don't express enough how grateful I am for ALL of my family, but I love each one deeply and thankful they are part of my life.

Hopefully soon I will figure out this new computer and be able to upload pics to blogger...


  1. Oh what a Happy weekend! I hope it was Wonderful! And that you were able to stop for a lil shopen at the book store and a lil lunch!

    I am sorry to hear you have had a rough lil bit. Life can be so crazy! To be truthful I have too. I keep thinking snap out of it but its easier said then done! I wish I was close enough to come pick you up for girls night to eat a yummy dinner and chit chat. I miss you! I hope you have a better week this up coming week. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
    I'm think'n you ought to plan a lil vacation out to Chicago and come stay with us this summer. We would all feel much better!

    Love you! Keep your head up!

    I hope you get this computer fixed so we can see more photos of you all.

  2. I hope your trip to the temple brought you some peace and happiness! In life, we're either going into a storm, weathering the storm, or coming out of the storm. It's the trials that make us stronger! Your rainbow will come!

    Hang in there. . . it does get better!

  3. I am glad that you had a good time mommy! We sure did miss you though but i am glad that you had a great time :) and dont worry i will make sure to always have my hand ready :) hehehe i love you mommy <3 britty