Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Remembering what it's all about....

Each year we have our family Christmas party at my parent's house. It is usually the Saturday before Christmas so no one has to rush and we can enjoy the day with each other. EVERY year the children do a Nativity scene. The charaters are rotated each year so everyone gets a turn. One child narrates and at the end they all sing a few songs. It is very sweet and the parents LOVE it! There is even a "sheep", but in this picture he is too low:) I am thankful for my family and the traditions and memories they build for our family.


  1. I love your family! You guys really are great!

  2. How Fun! We use to do that each year too when we were with family! Now we just do it with our own lil group... we always have to Mary's Millie and Maizie! Christmas is so Great! Those gingerbread house looks Fantastic!
    Love your Guys!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. That was sure some good fun!!! And next year I finally get to be the narater! And it was so cute because I had to be married to a 8 year old!!!! But it was still so cute! I had to sit in a chair just to at his level! It was so funny! I can't wait for next year! :) Love always, Britt :)

  4. Hey I just relized that I look kinda miserable in that picture! :) love always, Britt :)