Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Baby!

So, Brittney is taking a Careers in Child Care class in school this semester. It is teaching her how to babysit children from infant to around 7 years old. She has been enjoying the class so far. She will get CPR certified and all. I think it is a wonderful resource and is teaching her alot. Well...today she brought home an "infant". This thing cries, needs to be changed, fed..the whole she-bang! We are only an hour into and Brittney is STRESSED to the max! I keep telling her she CANNOT through it against the wall (not only will she fail, but this sucker costs $500) Did I mention this thing CRIES ALOT!!!!! All of the "infants" actions are tracked and Brittney has to wear a wristband that chimes when she holds it so the teacher knows how much Brittney interacted with the "infant". I would love to see the teachers face when she reads this babies report in the morning! We are so grateful that sweet McKinnley came over to help out. She has fed and soothed this little baby. WOW! I can honestly say that I don't think any of us will forget this little adventure:)


  1. I'm so glad I could come over and help!! it was soo fun!! I guess "McKinnley's" are just cranky babies!! lol!! love, McKinnley

  2. That was so much fun and I so gald that mckinnley got to come over. Since she is my best friend I named my baby after her!!! Love,Britt

  3. That waas fun! But I will never have kids!!! LOL I might if I ever find the right guy!!! So at this point I am not having kids any time soon! And I bet that my mom is pretty glad to hear that! :) Love ya always, Britt