Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the Air

Wyatt worked super hard stuffing all those goody bags for his classmates.
After battling all the CRAZY people searching for the "perfect" Valentine card I was able to make it home so Wyatt could make sure that everyone in his class could have an extra sweet Valentine's Day. As Eric and I were helping him close up all the bags, I got a little teary eyed thinking that this may be his last year giving out Valentines to his buddies in class. He is growing up so darn fast and we are relishing in every sweet moment of elementary school.


  1. Yea a Post! I have missed these babies!

    Wyatt looks grown up.. Nothing like Valentines class treats! We did that last night the house was covered in them.. hope they all make it to the right classes..?
    We LOVE YOU guys!

  2. Can you pleeasee tell brittany to text me?! 847-802-2535