Friday, February 25, 2011


We FINALLY got a move date of March 15th!:) We are soooo ready to be out of our little shoebox of a townhouse. We have been packed and ready since the middle of December:( It has been a bit stressful to need a certain pan to make a goodie and have to go into the garage and dig for it. We really like the house we are moving to and all the kids have their own rooms:) I am starting to get a little worried that we don't have enough stuff to fill up the house. New changes are in store for my kiddos too....they will now be riding the big yellow bus instead of mom's taxi (yyipppeee). I am sure the workers at chic fil a will miss the chic that comes to the drive thru in glasses, hair pulled back, no make up and pjs several times a week:) We are also enforcing the rule that unless they are deathly ill they do not come into our room or bathroom. We have always had an open door to them, but they like to come in and "lift" things from our room like ties for church, make-up, and other random things they like. We'll see how it goes:) I will post pics of the house once we sign the lease (don't want the current owners getting freaked with me being in "their" yard like the paparazzi).


  1. So where is this new house? Still in MB ward?

  2. Oh I am excited for you! Is is the one near Jenna and JR? Have fun if I can help or Aaron with the move let me know. We would love to help! Congrats!!! I love the " NO kiddos" rule Aaron and I were just chatting about enforcing that rule our self's. Good luck!