Monday, January 10, 2011

Rough end of the year...

Gonna do a little catching up since I was unable to blog a lot towards the end of the year... This is kinda like a journal for me too:)

Wyatt's surgery the end of September, I have been slightly out of commission. We had a homebound teacher that came in to our house to work with him 2-3 times a week on top of the other kids sports and church activites. She was AMAZING and worked around our schedule:) We missed quite a lot of church because he just was in so much pain and it was hard for him to sit up for so long. He was in his hard cast longer than expected, but now he is in a brace that he wears full time except for sleeping and bathing. Around Thanksgiving, I began to have really bad panic attacks which resulted in a trip across the street on Thanksgiving and then a few weeks later to the ER. I also got a HORRIBLE stomach bug the day after Thanksgiving and another right after Christmas. Our wole family got the bug the first time I got it. I only pray that 2011 with bring us better health. The panic attacks I can only assume are back because while Wyatt was down I was in survivor mode and now my body is paying for it. Luckily, I had a break from school during Christmas and was able start packing the house and spend some much needed quality time with the kids. I also got a break when the kids stayed at my moms for a bit:) The Sunday after Christmas we had to drive out the Muellers because we had forgotten my car keys in their truck a few days before. It was supposed to be a quick trip to get the keys and grab some dinner. We had left their house and about 3 miles down the road...our little Yaris ended the life of a small deer:( It was soooo tramatic with kids screaming and crying. We were in the middle of no where and freezing. We called Eric's parents for help and then called the sheriffs office. We had a couple of sweet southerners stop and ask if we ok and one lady wanted to call her husband to come get the deer, Eric quickly told her that we would be keeping the deer. Police report in hand Eric put the car back together the best he could and we headed back to the Muellers to skin the deer. Late Late that night we loaded back up in the car and headed home again. I considered holding a flashlight out the window as a headlight but it was too cold:) So....$3,000.00 later and almost two weeks in the shop we should get the little healed Yaris back today. Although I did enjoy sportin a 2011 Camry while it was in the shop. Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!!


  1. You are amazing! Wow that is one wild year. Just remember your fantastic and Wyatt not only is great and brave so are you! I hope the little guy gets to feeling better. You should talk to my mom if anyone can understand it is her. She would love to listen. Sorry about the car so sad and oh my i could not even imagine trying to explain that one with the deer. You know your a redneck when you hit a deer, Skin a deer and pack up a deer all in the same day. Just kidding! Let me know if I can do anything and I still have your food bowls and trays. i have not forgotten.

  2. I'm sorry it has been such a rough year. I just know that 2011 is going to be fantastic! You are such a great mom. Your kids are so lucky to have you!