Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I knew it!! He does love his Sissy

Wyatt always tries to be a tough guy and act just like his big brother. Brittney always wants to kiss and hug on Wy and he wants no part of it. Tonight we had a good night, Eric got off at his normal time and we rented a movie and just "hung out". It was a really nice, quiet (rare in our house) night. I took my shower and when I went to tuck Wyatt in...he was NOWHERE to be found. So, I went off to Britt's room (I figured Wyatt was hiding in my room) that's when I saw the sweetest sight ever. He was tucked into her "PINK gurly" bed (as Wy would say)! He had brought his dino and wriggled himself right next to Britt. Moments like this make me so happy:) He is such a sweet boy and I am sure Britt will smile when she wakes up in the morning and can kiss him BEFORE he wakes up.


  1. It was so fun seeing you as you rented your Movie! I hope it is a good one to watch as you cook you yummy Thanksgiving foods! I just woke up to my kids with a Big bed they made on the familyroom floor. They love vacations so they can all sleep together on the floor (sounds so Comfy) But they were all snuggled in as close as could be with half the bed un used! Aren't we lucky they have brothers and sisters to go to sleep with, play with, laugh with!
    I hope you have a Great Thanksgiving! I am Thankful Mckinnley has Brit as her friend, Thankful I have you as my friend! Thankful you live close by! Lets try to meet up at the Redbox again soon! This time you tell me a good secret! (shhh!)

  2. Thats sooo funny! Thats what I do too!! lol P.s is that a twilight blanket on brittney???!!! LOL Mckinnley

  3. Hey why did you guys take a picture!!! And I don't care but did you have to put it on your blog!LOL I don't really care! BTW that is a twlight blaket on me and I am proud of it!!! Love, Britt